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8 months ago

Interesting updates of this month from Data Powerhouse 🥳

Great news! As part of our commitment, here are some interesting updates. We're sure you'll love it as always.

  • Just released few more search methods - Amazon, Ebay, YouTube and Related Keywords - to help users to improve their search experience.
  • Focused on increasing number of keyword suggestions in Organic Keywords by Domain & Paid Keywords by domain method.
  • We've improved our Advertiser's data with more better location targeting.
  • Removed Keywords limit in Organic & Paid Keywords with load more option.
  • Added more country databases in Organic & Paid Keywords
  • Resolved issues related to password reset
  • You can now update your profile picture.
  • Changed the way limit counter works, to make it easy to understand
  • For domain methods, we changed our algorithm for top locations to make it show countries where the site is getting maximum traffic
  • Made Google & YouTube suggestion related to Location & language selected
  • Improved Adwords Suggestions Algorithm to handle keywords with no suggestion using Google Ads API
  • We're now storing your last location & language, so you don't need to select it everytime you open Keywords
  • Improved quality of top questions by removing irrelevant results
  • Solve issues of Trend chart for non-English keywords
  • History table is perfectly working now.
  • Added Rank in Organic Keywords by Domain method.
  • Resolved issues related to data algorithms & availability.
  • Solved issues with Bulk Upload method.
  • Solved issues with Amazon, Ebay & YouTube method - where sometimes it kept searching constantly without output.
  • Added few more data providers to improve stability.
  • Very very huge number of Bug fixes & patches.

And a lot of surprises on the way.

Stay connected & happy researching!

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