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KGR keyword research
Aug 13, 2020
Aug 13, 2020

After loading a list of keywords (or just one), the tool could check the SERP data and calculate the "All In Title results" and "total search volume" to provide a yes/no validation for KGR keywords.

So for each of the keywords you upload, or select from the list of keywords, there would be a section on dashboard showing the following metrix:

1) Number of "All-in-title" results for that keyword - this is not the normal search count, the search is modified to return ONLY all in title results.

2) total search volume for that keyword (this is already present)

3) based on (1) and (2), the tool would say either the keyword/s is a KGR keyword or not.


Saurabh Chauhan
Aug 13, 2020
You'll see it soon on GetKeywords :)
Aug 13, 2020
Amazing amazing suggestion. One that could take this tool to the next level - finding the "true" ranking challenge! Upvoting the hell out of this :D
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