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Missing feature - Tutorial section & Ability to Export generated reports/list, besides related keywords
Sep 8, 2020
Sep 8, 2020

Please include the ability to export the various segments of the keyword results - like questions, domain lists, search trends, summary and others - in csv or pdf format. I have tried Semrush - which is miles ahead in generating detailed reports and huge lists of all research/analysis of each and every feature like Organic research, anchors, topic research, backlinks, competitors sites etc.

Also the only list that can be exported, i.e. the related keywords list - cannot be exported in pdf format. Only csv is there. So please include that.

Help documentation and tutorial is long overdue. Waiting eagerly for that to be included.

Youtube/ video keyword search feature is probably the most handicapped. I use tubebuddy, vidiq, socialbook builder, biteplay and Video marketing blaster - and they all show relevant keywords and tags in details. Getkeywords shows only the overall results of as 1 destination. So it is very innacurate and almost irrelevant in terms of keyword research related to any videos.

#domains,#export,#video search,#youtube,#pdf export,#tutorials,#help documentation,#keyword research

Peter Kulcsár
Sep 9, 2020
Another issue with Export is when you change the sorting for example via Volume that is not reflected in the export.
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